Light Up Your Indoors with Sunshine

Posted by admin on January 13, 2018

It is a warm, sunny day with glorious sunshine sparkling over the landscape; the kind that inspires even the ordinary folk to be poetic. But you are stuck in your 4×4 office cubicle, with uninspiring artificial light spilling over your desk. You take one look at the computer screen and wish you were outside, enjoying the sun.

Your wish is about to come true.

Next Generation Lighting System

The next time you are stuck indoors on a sunny day, you may not miss the sunlight at all, thanks to an innovative system developed by Parans.

This Swedish company has developed intelligent solar modules that follow the sun throughout the day. Fibre optics then carry the natural light indoors, throughout the property, illuminating every nook and cranny.

The Parans lighting system carries sunlight deep into the property, without any loss of luminosity.

Why We Need Sunlight

Studies have shown a clear link between exposure to healthy, natural sunlight and increased productivity. We work faster, think clearer, and are able to execute tasks better with natural light. Even Superman needs a healthy dose of sunlight to fight the bad guys, and we are no different. Sufficient exposure to sunlight has even been shown to boost our mental health, keeping depression at bay. How many of us feel dull and gloomy on a winter’s day?

Then there are the physiological benefits linked to better immunity and even better bone health.

The bottom line is that sunlight is as essential to us as food and water. The problem is that most of us do not realize it and are ignorant of the harmful effects of lack of natural light.


With the new, innovative Paranslight, you will never have to cut short your sweet supply of sunlight, even if you work 30 floors down.