Staying Healthy at the Office

Posted by admin on October 16, 2018

Working Indoors and Your Health

You may not realize how we need natural light and sunlight to keep healthy. Most people take for granted how much sunlight and natural light they get from being outdoors, walking or cycling. How much time we spend outdoors depends on the weather, and if it is too cold, hot or wet we tend to stay indoors. If we work indoors, the time spent outdoors will be much more limited.

The benefits from sunlight and natural light on our bodies have been found to be greater than previously thought. The wellbeing of workers is important for companies as this reduces sick leave and, therefore, improves productivity. So, workers employed indoors with only artificial lighting are missing out on the health benefits of natural light. Most office workers work eight hour days during daylight hours inside offices with artificial lighting. This is not a natural or healthy way to work.

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You will find there are further details on how to improve all indoor spaces as well as ways to improve the lighting for most workplaces. It is not only the office worker that loses hours of daylight when working. Many types of workplaces would improve their workers’ health with natural lighting.